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Airline Employees Mostly Overlooked and Underrated

airline employees

It’s a busy summer evening at Sky Harbor. And airline employees keep the dance running smoothly, for the most part.

There’s a day/week/month honoring just about everything these days … donuts, India Pale Ale, truck drivers, pie – you name it.

Guess who doesn’t have one? Airline employees. Pilots, flight attendants, mechanics and all the other people who do nothing but fly you safely at 35,000 feet for fares that are relatively peanuts next to any other time in human history. They don’t have any sort of appreciation days that I could find. The closest I could come is October, which is Flight Attendant Appreciation Month at Allegiant Airlines. Correct me if I’m wrong and missing something I should know about.

Oh, and if you’re going to complain about TSA or uncomfortable seats or bad food or spotty in-flight Internet, watch the video below. If you can still summon a complaint, maybe you’re just a whiner (and you wouldn’t have lasted three hours in a covered wagon).

I am convinced that people take for granted the expertise, experience and professionalism or airline employees. All they do is make it possible for them to fly. Sure, things go wrong. But we’re talking about a complicated ballet of humans, machinery and software. And I’ll admit that some people on both sides of the ticket counter are better than others at making the best of bad situations. By and large, though, airline employees do a great job.

Here’s my message to every pilot, flight attendant, mechanic, gate agent, baggage handler and all other airline employees: Your profession is every bit as worthy as any other of some sort of appreciation or recognition. Until someone steps up for you, I hope you’ll realize I’m glad you do what you do so well. And hey, I know things don’t always work out the way they should. When something doesn’t go my way, I’ll be patient with you. You might not have your official appreciation. You might get flak from passengers short on patience … but there are people out there who appreciate you every time they step on a plane.


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