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Nevada’s Fly Geyser an Amazing Oddity

It’s been awhile since I’ve shown you anything cool. That ends now. Just fix your eyes on the photo below. That would be Nevada’s Fly Geyser. And it’s not a man-made theme park creation: It’s natural.

Well, kind of.

Fly Geyser
Photo by Jeremy C. Munns

Apparently, some people a few decades back were drilling in hopes of tapping into some geothermal power. Well, the water wasn’t hot enough to create enough steam to drive turbines. But there was enough water with enough mineral content to create this wacky, Willy Wonka-looking mass. Over the years, mineral buildup has created this feature, which is apparently close to the site of the notorious Burning Man Festival.

Okay, so it’s not completely natural. But its existence is an accidental collision between human and nature. Nobody expected it. That makes it a really rare and cool sight. That and the colors.

If you happen to be driving around in the Black Rock Desert, the Fly Geyser is worth a look. No, it’s definitely worth a look. The unfortunate thing is that it’s on private property. So bring a big lens for your camera and blaze away.

Many thanks to Jeremy C. Munns for posting the awesome Fly Geyser photo on


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