My 5 Scariest Robots Ever – A Halloween Special

There's just something wrong about that!

There's just something wrong about that!

In honor of Halloween, I’m skipping the travel stuff today. Instead, I’m naming my 5 Scariest Movie Robots of all Time. They are:

Maximilian – The big red robot from “The Black Hole” was freakin’ awesome, just floating there with that glowing red eye. Being from the creepy spaceship Cygnus also helped, because that thing just looked like a spacegoing mad scientist’s lab.

The Original Stripped-to-the-Metal Terminator – Obviously. He was big, strong, unstoppable, implacable. And those glowing red eyes!

The Robot Gunslinger – Yul Brynner’s character in “Westworld” scared the hell out of me, especially when he was shown without his faceplate. There was just something so creepy and so plausible about it. Revolting. Though a cowboy with a Teutonic accent is just a bit funny. Who was in charge of casting?

Interrogator Droid – The one that helped Darth Vader question Princess Leia. It just floated there, making that noise, laden with dripping needles. I would’ve squealed the location of the rebel base like a tattling first grader.

Al Gore – What? You don’t see it?

Honorable Mention – I’m a little old to be too scared of a robot, but those Cylon Centurions from the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica (which I consider among the finest TV series ever!) certainly make me nervous. By your command! (I wish they still said that now and then)

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