A Goldmine of Arizona Geo-Knowledge

Want to know about cool stuff like Sedona's rock? Check out the Arizona state geologist's blog.

Want to know about cool stuff like Sedona's rock? Check out the Arizona state geologist's blog.

When it comes to geology, Arizona has a lot to offer. It’s an incredibly rich source of copper. Then there’s the Grand Canyon. There’s the remains of a stratovolcano that now provide quality skiing for Arizona residents. Speaking of volcanos, there’s also the very cool Sunset Crater. And geology meets exogeology (is that even the right word?) at Barringer Crater! Let’s not forget the foreboding Superstition Mountains, a monstrous caldera that’s the stuff of legends.

Now, if you find this stuff as cool as I do, you can find the latest Arizona geology news at the Blog of the State Geologist of Arizona. The blog does a great job of covering geology-related stuff, from Resolution Copper’s work to mine a deep, rich copper deposit near Superior to a cool cave in a remote part of northern Arizona. Some of it is very business-related and technical – but outdoor enthusiasts can often take away some very lively tidbits.

Let me also mention that the state geology crew are a really great bunch. I was working on a piece for Mountain Flyer magazine and came up against a tough question on the composition of Sedona’s slickrock. A staff member fielded my question nicely the same day.

I think this blog accomplishes more than entertaining an online audience. It shows the diverse work the Arizona Geological Survey handles, and communicates this to the public in a down-to-earth way that’s pretty accessible.

If you have an interest in geology, stop by. Maybe show the love with a comment or three.

2 thoughts on “A Goldmine of Arizona Geo-Knowledge

  1. mender

    Thanks for checking out my blog (www.forewardmend.wordpress.com) I’ll be checking yours out a lot more – I’ll be staying in Sedona for a month. I can’t wait!

  2. admin

    Hey, thanks for dropping by, Mender. I definitely dig your blog. If you want some good Sedona info, be sure to pick up the December issue of Mountain Flyer magazine. I have a huge spread in there all about Sedona. It’s mostly bike-focused, but I think you’ll enjoy it!

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