Networking with Other Bloggers at SMC Phoenix

Last night, I attended a Social Media Club Phoenix event. It as all about blogging and bloggers, with a panel of four bloggers of various stripes. Two were tech bloggers, one was a professional lifestyle blogger and the last was a guy who just posts his thoughts when they occur to him. The last guy, Matthew Petro, was the reason I attended. We have some common friends, and he seems like a mensch (to borrow some Yiddish).

The panel started off with a pretty obvious question, and one I’ve never addressed here: Why do you blog?

I never actually considered having a WordPress blog -or a blog other than my deeply buried Livejournal account- until a few years ago. I was interviewing a teenager for work. He’d visited Australia on a trip through a children’s charity that grants the wishes of kids with life-threatening medical conditions. This was shortly after I’d returned from Australia myself.

His trip was mostly in Sydney, and mine was a pretty far-flung event. So we swapped tales, and he suggested that I send him some photos.

That got me thinking – if one guy was interested in my trip to Australia, maybe a few other people would be. So I started the blog just to have a reminder of my trip. Then I kept coming up with topics that were travel and adventure-related. Now, you have before you this increasingly messy but interesting (I hope) bunch of content. I really need to take the CodeWhacker to some of the extra links and badges and stuff that have popped up.

So what about you? What got you started?

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