News Roundup: Pump Track to Open, Turn Exercise into Funds for Charity

Volunteer Chris Cowan tests the pump track at McDowell Mountain Regional Park.

There’s been some interesting mountain bike news here in Arizona.

First of all, the state’s first pump track on public land is scheduled to open in late August. That’s huge – it’s a nice bit of cooperation between McDowell Mountain Regional Park and volunteers.

Arizona’s First Pump Track to Open in August
Arizona mountain bikers will soon celebrate the opening of the state’s first pump track on public land. A pump track looks a lot like a BMX track. But the idea is to use only your momentum to get through the berms, rollers and tabletops.
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Also, mountain bike fiends, you can turn your mileage into money for your favorite charity. It’s because of a social network that tracks your mileage and matches you with companies that will shell out for a cause when you get out and ride. Cool, eh? Of course, you can do it for sports other than mountain biking, but you know where my loyalties are!

Sports Social Network Turns Exercise into Charity Fundraising
Need more motivation to exercise? A social network is matching everyday athletes with companies that will donate to a cause to reward you for hitting the gym, riding a bike, going for a run and other fitness-related activity.
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I’ve also posted about these items at my Examiner.com page, if you just can’t get enough. And I hope you can’t!

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  1. send Savings

    Riding,Biking, Gym will help us being in good Health & shape. Since these will go to Charity it will also help the needy.

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