Scenes from Arizona – White Tank Whirlwind

2011 White Tank Whirlwind

Ryan Waldron is stoked to be racing (Men Cat 1, 30-39)

I had a good excuse for not racing the White Tank Whirlwind – the previous weekend, I suffered through a rainy, windy Kona Bikes 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo.

Yeah, yeah … I know some people did both. But hey, they were probably all pro racers. And someone has to take pictures, right? So here are some of my favorites from the race. I have a bunch of others, too – I showed up kind of late (10:30 a.m.), so if you’re a Cat 2 or 3 woman, you’re probably out of luck. But feel free to drop me a line if you’re hoping I snapped a shot of you.

You can also read my race recap at Examiner.com.

Framed by the cactus.

Railing the corner

Grinding up a short climb.

2011 White Tank Whirlwind

The fast guys duke it out in the pro class.

2011 White Tank Whirlwind

Watch for the competition.

2011 White Tank Whirlwind

Jane Pearson rides to victory - women's marathon category.

2011 White Tank Whirlwind

Pro Rider Rebecca Gross

2011 White Tank Whirlwind

Look out, Gene Simmons - Nathan Lentz (Cat 3, 30-39) is coming to take your job.

2011 White Tank Whirlwind

Channing Morrison of Adventure Bicycle Company races to victory (Men's Cat 2, 19-29)

2011 White Tank Whirlwind

A men's marathon racer on a very slick handmade bike from Form Cycles in Sedona.

2011 White Tank Whirlwind

Need an attitude adjustment? Women's Cat 2 (40+) racer Krista Gibson says handlebar streamers will do the trick.

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