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Adventures for All

Scenes from Chicago in the Summer

If you’re planning to visit Chicago, summer is the best time. Check out the photos and you’ll see a city that comes alive when the weather gets warmer. To be honest, it’s nowhere near my favorite American city. But I still had a decent time. The architecture is very cool, and you can get just about anywhere on-foot with enough time. On the downside, the food is overrated and so is Navy Pier. The public spaces, as you’ll see below, are also first-rate with parks scattered throughout the downtown area.

It's a busy summer evening at Sky Harbor.

The amazing giant chrome bean of Chicago

A kid goofs off in Chicago.

A cool outdoor theater

A little urban Chicago grit

Chicago has a cool skyline.

Green water in Chicago.

Near the museums in Chicago.

Chicago by boat

Boats plus monied college kids equals turning this marina into a Midwest edition of Jersey Shore.

The John Hancock center near dusk.

The John Hancock center near dusk.

This American Airlines 777 is a pretty bird.

Descending into the clouds on the way back to Phoenix.


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