IcelandAir and its New Link to Denver: Great for US Travelers

IcelandAir's "Surtsey" pulls into Gate 2 at JFK's Terminal 7, ready to take another load to Iceland.

It’s about to get easier for outdoor enthusiasts in the western United States to get to Iceland. Next spring, IcelandAir will connect Denver International Airport to Keflavik International Airport. Just to clarify the Denver Post article, the flights don’t actually go to Reykjavik; Keflavik, an airport/city about an hour south of Iceland’s capitol, is where most international flights land.

Something Cool to Know About IcelandAir The fleet is named after Icelandic volcanoes. You’ll fly on planes with names like Hekla, Krafla, Surtsey and Eldborg. I have a message in to IcelandAir to see which volcano’s namesake will make the Denver run.

The Post story isn’t about travel – it’s about money. How much money will these international flights add to the Denver economy? How much is IcelandAir spending on marketing the service? It’s not exactly the stuff to set the pulse racing. But here’s the real question: What does this mean for travelers in the western U.S. states? It means you’ll soon have a great gateway to one of the world’s coolest destinations for hiking, camping and dining. I’ve written reams about Iceland on this site already. Start here with my second day in Iceland, and you’ll see why anyone who loves their hiking boots needs to get to Iceland.

A sample of Iceland's awesome backpacking and hiking.

This makes it a lot easier to get to Iceland. I had to fly to JFK for my international flight to Iceland – and I’d rather take the hop to Denver any day. The only other options are Minneapolis, Washington D.C., Orlando and Boston. I don’t consider Seattle a very good choice for someone in the Southwest. I’ve always wanted to see the Northern Lights, too … I’ve watched IcelandAir long enough to see some great fare and hotel specials for winter flights. I’ll be on the lookout for a good deal next winter. Icelanders will also love this. They enjoy their outdoor pursuits, too, and Colorado will blow their minds with all its activities. And I’m hoping for some Colorado microbrew culture to trickle over to Iceland. Takk takk, IcelandAir. Be sure to save me some skyrr and a spot at Iceland Fish & Chips. Do you tweet? Follow Iceland (@icelandair) and Wandering Justin (@wandering_j)! You can also read my review of flying on IcelandAir.

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