iPhone App Keeps Travelers in the Know About Currency

Foreign money confuses me. It takes me some time to settle in and figure out what’s up with all the different coins and bills.

John from TechiXoft contacted me to say “dude, we have your back.” TechiXoft’s Currency Banknotes app for the iPhone aims to, among other things, get travelers familiar with the local currency. Before you even board your flight, you can learn to tell the difference between dollars and dông, shekels and shillings, yuan and yen. It also does the typical but handy jazz like currency conversion.

Since I roll with an Android-based Motorola Cliq XT, I can’t test the Currency Banknotes app. TechiXoft plans to unveil an Android version(it’s not just Apple devotees who travel abroad, ya know!), but not soon enough for my trip to South Korea. In the meantime, here’s John’s breakdown of some key features:

  • Convert 150+ currencies from all over the world.
  • View banknote or currency images.
  • See colored images of paper bills from numerous countries worldwide.
  • Zoom in and out of banknote images with ease, to see them in full detail.
  • Instantly calculate the conversion rate of the top 10 currencies of the world.
  • See pictures of RARE and HARD-TO-FIND banknotes or currency images.
  • Get a glimpse of another county’s culture (people, architecture, etc) by means of their paper bills.

You can also check out the YouTube demo of Currency Banknotes. And you can like TechiXoft on Facebook, too.

Again, I can’t test this one yet. But it sure seems like clever thinking.

iPhone users – give this a try and let me know what you think. I’ll write another post with a roundup of your thoughts and experiences.

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