Norway Travel Story Gets Yahoo! Award

Memurubu in Norway. The end of the rainbow and a big plate of ham.

Is Norway on your travel list? If so, you might want to grab a few tips from an article I wrote on Yahoo! Voices.

I’m a regular Yahoo! Voices contributor. My writing there is slightly different – even shorter, even more terse. There’s less in-depth storytelling and more bullet-ish lists of info. It’s fun to experiment with different voices.

Anyway, the Yahoo! staff liked the story. A lot. Enough to hit me with a Spotlight Award; that’s a monthly deal at Yahoo! that recognizes the top content in any given month. And it seems pretty legit since it’s not  based just on popularity (it’s only been posted for a few days and doesn’t yet have a huge number of hits). Here’s what Yahoo! had to say:

Are you pining for the Fjords of Norway? Unlike the (ex-)parrot in Monty Python’s famous skit, Justin Schmid is as lively as can be, and ready to play digital tour guide for your Norwegian adventure. We love travel pieces that share little-known secrets about destinations just off the beaten path. It doesn’t hurt that this one came with stunning original photos. If you’ve never wanted to visit Norway, you may not want to click, because Justin’s pics will have you saving your pennies and scanning daily deal sites for travel packages to the northern European country. From how to travel to a marathon held so far north that Santa Claus might be expected to enter, Justin has the inside scoop on this emerging vacation hotspot.

Thanks, Yahoo! Norway and I both appreciate the love … and the Monty Python reference. Bag of otters’ noses, then.

4 thoughts on “Norway Travel Story Gets Yahoo! Award

  1. katilda

    woot woot! “they think you don’t know a buttload of crap about Norway, but you do!” …but seriously, congrats. way to get recognized.

  2. WanderingJustin

    Thank you both! And Katilda, I thing “buttload of crap about Norway” might be one of the funniest comments I’ve received. Right up there with “It would be nice if you could pull me to Sven’s place by the fjord.”

  3. Nichole L. Reber

    Man! You gave a real diversity of tips for that article…from craft beers to camping and from accommodations to transportation. Well done. Cheers

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