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Underwater cave in Hawaii – count me in! (Photo courtesy of PADI)

SCUBA diving is something I’ve always left to other people. Even as I bounced around in the waves near Belize with SCUBA divers 20 feet below unperturbed by the surface turmoil, I thought “not for me.”

Why? Well, I figured it must be expensive. That it would be hard to get started and stay sharp. Thanks to my new friends at the Professional Dive Instructors Association, I know a little better now. You’ll see a bit more about SCUBA diving at WanderingJustin.com. I plan to unveil some cool destinations, tips and other

Cruising through the Catalina kelp. (Photo courtesy of PADI)

SCUBA diving info. I may even get a chance to try my hand at SCUBA diving at some point. I’m not exactly the world’s best – or most enthusiastic – swimmer, so you’ll get a good idea of how it’ll suit you. My plan is to gear my stories more toward beginners, but with a few advanced goals they might aspire to. Since I’m no SCUBA swami, I’ll count on the experts at PADI for some practical information to get you safely under the sea.

For now, you can read my Yahoo! Voices story about 5 cool SCUBA diving destinations throughout the U.S. And check out these awesome photos from the PADI archives. They make me want to get a waterproof case for my GoPro Helmet Hero and head for a sunken wreck.

And if you want to know more about SCUBA diving or want to share some personal stories or advice, let me know. I’m sure I can find a place for it.

PADI can show you how to prep for a dive in Key Largo. (Photo courtesy of PADI)

SCUBA diving in Catalina just looks cool, doesn’t it? (Photo courtesy of PADI)

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