Sal DiCiccio Finds New Way to Oppose Progress

In his article “GOP group opposed to Phoenix light rail tax measure,” Mike Sunnucks adds a line that’s almost a throwaway – but might be the most-important sentence in the piece:

“Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio is the lead opponent of Prop. 104.”

Big surprise. DiCiccio has proven time and again that he is opposed to anything that improves the quality of live in Phoenix. And of course he would oppose the highly successful and used light rail: He wants his constituents to stay in their SUVs, and wants to keep any semblance of light rail far away from their red tile roofs.

And bike paths? Light rail? Dial-A-Ride? Of course not.

Somehow, Phoenix re-elected a chronic liar with a regressive stance to city services and employees. That should tell you everything you need to know about Prop 104. A yes vote for it will diminish a shady politician whose policies and ideas aim to keep Phoenix stuck in the past, and is arguably as destructive as a certain county sheriff.

So who favors Prop 104? Mayor Greg Stanton, The Arizona Republic, ASU, police and fire unions (remember, DiCiccio hates anything that fights for workers’ benefits and fair pay), Local First Arizona and the Greater Phoenix Chamber. Of course, they’re just elitist eggheads, rights? Who wants 1,000 miles of new bike lanes, expanded Dial-A-Ride service and new traffic lights along with more light rail?

I prefer to listen to people with vision, who have something more than “no” in their vocabulary. DiCiccio again proves that he has no ideas for making Phoenix better. He just knows how to draw partisan boundaries.

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