Lightning Over Scottsdale

I don’t usually do photo-only posts. But I snapped a nice shot from the nighttime storm that rolled into Phoenix. I’m not sure if this is actually a monsoon storm or not … but hey, call it what you will. It’s something besides hot, dry and sunny. This shot of lightning over Scottsdale is probably my best storm shot so far.

Lightning Scottsdale Arizona (Photo by Justin Schmid. Commercial use without permission is not allowed.)

And look! Here’s some slow-motion video of the lightning over Scottsdale to go along with the still. The photo came from my Pentax K-50. The video is from my GoPro … the original Hero, not any of the fancy new ones!

2 thoughts on “Lightning Over Scottsdale

  1. Michelle Lambert

    Very nice! I love lightning photography. Arizona is one of the best places around to capture lightning. I miss the monsoon. I always looked forward to the incredible lightning displays that the monsoon brought each year. Here in SoCal we don’t have much lightning lol.

  2. Wandering Justin Post author

    Thanks, Michelle! So nice to hear from you. That monsoon is definitely something to look forward to – best part of Arizona summer, really. Well, that and the peaches.

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