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Guest Posts
Fact: It’s not easy to get a guest post on this blog. I have high expectations – quality writing, a thoughtful pitch, a relevant topic, a concept that is about storytelling (not overt promotion of products or companies). You have to be a real blogger with your own site, and I want to see your work. Your post can include a short bio and a link to your blog – but no links to anyone who is paying you to generate links. And don’t ask me to suggest a topic … that’s up to you.

Sponsored posts are my most-popular advertising option. I publish sponsored posts from outside writers only if the content is good. I can also create something just for you. Here’s how it works:

  • Tell me your URLs and keywords; I’ll create a custom post for them, and I’ll also include a short bio about your company/client.
  • All links are permanent.
  • I optimize all sponsored posts for search engines.
  • I’ll send a draft for review. Once we agree the content is ready to publish, you can send the sponsored post fee to me via PayPal. Once I receive it, I’ll publish the post.

I also offer display ads. Prices vary by size and duration.

Feel free to pitch a story about your client. Usually, I’ll try to work it into something larger. If you give me a good pitch, I’ll look for opportunities to mention your client – that means more placement without you doing any extra legwork.

Of course, not every company is interesting. Nor is every story idea. I won’t always be able to say “yes,” but I’ll be nice about it. And the door’s always open for future stories.

Product Reviews
I love outdoor products of all sorts – and airlines and tour companies. If possible, I’ll be happy to check out what you offer and give readers my honest opinion. Just so we’re clear: Free stuff doesn’t equal a favorable opinion. My credibility depends on telling the truth.

Link Exchanges
I don’t exchange links -this post nicely articulates why. If you have cool content – or a product or service that I’ve used and can vouch for – I will link to your site. When I link to your site, it means I like your content, your service or your product. It’s my endorsement of your quality, and I don’t give that away easily. Readers expect better. But you are free to introduce yourself and suggest that I check your site out.

In 2012, averaged more than 6,100 views per month. Stories from this blog have appeared on, and sites owned by the Chicago Sun-Times.

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