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On the List for Next Trip: Scotland and Wales

Where do you go after a trip to Korea and Japan? Well, as a soccer/language/craft beer/hiking fan, I’m thinking of Scotland or Wales.Continue Reading

What Does “Well-Traveled” Mean?

A conversation on a US Airways flight makes me think: What does it really mean to be “well-traveled”?Continue Reading

What’s Up With Wasted Dates?

Cities in Arizona squander a cheap, easy way to get greener: harvesting their many date trees. Only Arizona State University is putting its many date trees to work. Continue Reading

GUEST POST – 5 Things I’ll Miss About Peru

My blogging buddy from tells us what she’ll miss most about living in Peru. Continue Reading

Gear Review – Tasc Performance

I couldn’t resist trying a brand of workout gear that promised to fit great and make me stink less. Here’s what I found out. Continue Reading

Remembering a Favorite Veteran

Veteran’s Day makes me think of a chance encounter with a retired Air Force pilot.
Continue Reading

Matching Gone Wrong – His and Hers Lingerie in Korea

Matching his-and-hers lingerie? Join Wandering Justin in Asia for the most grievous example ever of matching clothes gone wrong!Continue Reading

New Cycling Stories Posted on

24 Hours in the Old Pueblo Justin Schmid

Check out my latest mountain biking articles on Get the dirt on this Sunday’s Third-Annual Sunday Cycles Bike and Gear Swap and get some advice about four things you should think about replacing on your mountain bike as you start ramping up the mileage. Continue Reading

Asiana Airlines Review: 5 Flights

Asiana Airlines review

During my recent trip to Asia, I took five flights on Asiana Airlines ranging from one hour to nearly 12 hours. Here’s my review of this fast-growing Korean airline.Continue Reading

President Obama’s Policies and Lack of Action Hamper Travel

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737

President Obama’s latest suggestion to increase taxes on commercial flights reveals a disturbing pattern of anti-travel behavior. I’m disappointed that he discourages travel through his actions – and drains curiosity and intellect in the process.Continue Reading