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Adventures for All

San Diego Zoo Safari Park – Random Photo

There’s something unsettling about seeing an ape in captivity. Maybe because, if you look at us under the microscope, humans aren’t much different.Continue Reading

Craft Beer Overview of Seoul, Jeju and Tokyo

Can American craft beer fans find satisfaction in Seoul and Tokyo? Yes. And here’s where they need to go. Continue Reading

Inside South Korean Spa Culture

South Korean spas are a lot different from what you’ll find in the U.S. Spa visits are part of the cultural fabric – a common pastime for the average joe to unwind.Continue Reading

Random Photo Fun – This is Air Travel!

Air travel sucks and you know it. But only if you completely ignore what’s really happening. Sometimes, it takes a kid’s wisdom to remind us.Continue Reading

Get the Latest Arizona Mountain Bike News

Looking for Arizona’s latest mountain bike news? Find it here with some help from Global Bikes and the Mountain Bike Association of Arizona.Continue Reading

Random Travel Photo – Getting Ahead in Life

Today’s random photo gives us a glimpse of weirdness in Tokyo.Continue Reading

Why Bother Blogging?

Why do you bother blogging? If you haven’t started yet or you’ve been doing it awhile and have hit the wall, you might find your reason here. Continue Reading

Random Photo Fun – Superior, Ariz.

Today’s random photo takes us to the perlite quarries near Superior, Ariz.Continue Reading

6 Surprising Things About Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, South Korea is every bit as crowded and energetic as you’d expect. But it’s full of surprises, too. Here are 6 of my favorite unexpected things about Seoul.Continue Reading

Random Photo Fun – Keflavik, Iceland

Sometimes random stuff is cool and fun. I’m digging into my archives for never-before-seen outtakes from my trips. Here’s one from Keflavik, Iceland.Continue Reading