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Adventures for All

Life Force of Mountain Biking: The Beginner

Mountain biking got you burned out? Are the local trails getting dull? Look to beginners for your salvation.Continue Reading

Airborne Bicycles Flight Crew – Tossing My Name In

This is my call to Airborne Bicycles to pick me for this year’s Flight Crew.Continue Reading

Haggis Continues to Elude Me

Wherever I travel, I find revel in trying foods that are strange, squishy, pungent and putrid. And I eat them with a smile … with the exception of one thing: haggis. The chance to sample this Scottish delight has eluded me for five years.Continue Reading

Beyond Travel: Things I Like at the Moment

I don’t get to travel all the time … or even as much as I’d like. That means I have to find my fun wherever it lies. What’s putting a smile on my face? Read on.Continue Reading

Save Phoenix Views: Now Serving Spam

People in Phoenix, Arizona, now have another busybody political group inundating their email accounts with unwanted spam messages. Who are they, and what do they want to accomplish besides spamming your email account?Continue Reading

On the Mountain Bike Trail – Random Photo

A random photo makes me question my mountain bike wardrobe.Continue Reading

Mountain Biking and Beyond: My Top People of 2011

The year 2011 proved to be a good one. See the top people and bloggers who made it such a great year.Continue Reading

Mountain Bike Race Recap – McDowell Meltdown 2012

Here’s what’s on my mind after the 2012 MBAA Race #1, the famous McDowell Meltdown.Continue Reading

San Diego Zoo Safari Park – Random Photo

There’s something unsettling about seeing an ape in captivity. Maybe because, if you look at us under the microscope, humans aren’t much different.Continue Reading

Craft Beer Overview of Seoul, Jeju and Tokyo

Can American craft beer fans find satisfaction in Seoul and Tokyo? Yes. And here’s where they need to go. Continue Reading