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Adventures for All

Random Photo Fun – Superior, Ariz.

Today’s random photo takes us to the perlite quarries near Superior, Ariz.Continue Reading

6 Surprising Things About Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, South Korea is every bit as crowded and energetic as you’d expect. But it’s full of surprises, too. Here are 6 of my favorite unexpected things about Seoul.Continue Reading

Random Photo Fun – Keflavik, Iceland

Sometimes random stuff is cool and fun. I’m digging into my archives for never-before-seen outtakes from my trips. Here’s one from Keflavik, Iceland.Continue Reading

Scenes from Hakone, Japan

Here are some scenes from Hakone, a rural weekend getaway town for Toyko residents.Continue Reading

Adventure in the English Lake District

Guest blogger Amanda takes us on a tour of the Lake District, where you’ll find some of the best outdoor fun in the UK. Find out where to hike, bike, cave, climb, canyoneer, swim and sleep. Continue Reading

Blogging: Methods, Tips, Questions

Forget everything you learned in school: Blogging isn’t English composition as you know it. Blog like you’re writing a term paper and you’ll make it boring. Here are some tips for tightening your writing for impatient online readers.Continue Reading

Who’s Used Travel Insurance?

Sometimes, luck is all that stands between travelers and some serious problems. Can travel insurance even the odds?Continue Reading

Have You Thanked an Airline Employee Lately?

This one’s for the pilots and airline crews who make it possible for travelers to see the world … a big thank you from an appreciative traveler.Continue Reading

Spooling up to High Speed – Korea’s KTX Train

I take a break from my usual air travel obsession to show some love for traveling by train. Find out about my super-cool trip on South Korea’s high-speed KTX.Continue Reading

An Airsoft First-Timer Tells All

A first-time Airsoft player spills the beans on what the game is like: prowling an abandoned mining town, replica submachines firing everywhere and anywhere. Good times!Continue Reading