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Slow Travel Movement – The Truth Path or BS?

Slow Travel Movement

I have a message for the Slow Travel Movement and the douchier-than-thou characters who comprise its most-extreme adherents: Worry about how you travel and bring your egos back down from Mt. Olympus. Some of us can’t travel slow (By “some of us”, I nostly mean Americans. Yes, those of us from the alleged capital ofContinue Reading

Why I Turn Down Guest Blogging Offers

Every week, I get several requests for people who want to do guest blogging for my site. I turn down nearly every single one of them. It’s been close to a year since I let someone guest blog here, aside from someone I sought out for a cool Halloween-related post. Let me tell you why.Continue Reading

Iceland Soccer – Why I Want Them to Beat Croatia

Iceland Soccer

People love underdogs like the Iceland soccer team. Hours ago, they wrapped up a scoreless draw against Croatia at its Laugardalsvöllur national football stadium. Even before the result, Iceland soccer has been getting all sorts of great press. If you’ve looked through this blog at all, you’ll know already that I love Iceland. And part ofContinue Reading

How I Found Good Flight Deals to Vietnam

787 Dreamliner flight deals to Vietnam

Soon, I’ll be on my way to Southeast Asia. Part of the planning was finding flight deals to Vietnam. See how I did it, and how you can score your own deals,Continue Reading

Running Abroad – Our Travel Tradition

Running Abroad

People travel to eat, to birdwatch, to lounge on beaches, even to skydive. But for my wife and me, running abroad has become a reason to travel. Continue Reading

The Worst Things About Living in Scottsdale

worst things about living in Scottsdale

A moldy city slogan, no light rail, not enough bookstores … what else makes the list of the worst things about living in Scottsdale?Continue Reading

Your Opinion: The Best Hydration Packs

best hydration packs

Pitch in with your opinion on the best hydration packs … and help me decide what will replace my crusty, gross old Camelbak MULE.Continue Reading

Check Out Halloween-Themed SCUBA Events

Halloween-themed SCUBA

Zombie apocalypse diving certification? Underwater pumpkin carving? Yep, the Professional Association of Diving is offering Halloween-themed SCUBA fun.Continue Reading

Things to See and Do in Chile

things to see and do in Chile

Heading to South America? Then check this list of things to see and do in Chile so you can plan adventures from the Atacama Desert to Easter Island.Continue Reading

Haunted Places in Arizona – An Expert’s Top 6

haunted places in Arizona

Abandoned factories, historic hotels, old prisons and more earn a spot in the guest post about haunted places in Arizona. Find out all about them!Continue Reading