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Adventures for All

Thoughts on Culture and Live Theater in Phoenix

People love to say that Phoenix doesn’t have any culture. It’s a notion that people parrot constantly. And it puts me in the mood to brandish a cricket bat in a threatening manner. What they really mean is one of of the following: I’m too lazy to go out and find any culture in Phoenix TheContinue Reading

Does Chuck Yeager Deserve Special Treatment?

Travel writer and consumer advocate Chris Elliot posted a story about a request he received from Chuck Yeager – that’s right, the decorated WWII pilot who went on to be the first human to break the sound barrier in straight and level flight. It seems General Chuck Yeager got bumped from an Alaska Airlines flightContinue Reading

Is Spring Hikers Versus Mountain Bikers Season? No.

Dear Hikers, Hi! It’s me, your friendly neighborhood mountain biker. Look, I want you to have a good time on the trails. I want your children to have a good time on the trails. And yes, your pets, too. We can all enjoy ourselves – it’s not really a question of hikers versus mountain bikers.Continue Reading

The PERCH Pub & Brewery – First Visit

I just got my first look at The PERCH Pub & Brewery in Chandler. Sarah and I went there for dinner and some nice craft beer. The bottom line: A very welcome addition to downtown Chandler, which is an area on its way up thanks to places like this. Sorry I don’t have very goodContinue Reading

Win a Helmet Hero – Plus, Tips for Awesome Videos

If you don’t have a GoPro Helmet Hero, you’re missing out on some fun. I’ve used my Helmet Hero to document all sorts of mountain bike rides. My friends at the Professional Association of Diving Instructors love using them to capture SCUBA adventures, and they’ve teamed up with ScubaEarth and GoPro to give away aContinue Reading

Do You “Explore”? Not Likely.

I have this little eccentricity about travel writing: I gag whenever someone casually uses “explore” in any form. For example, “I explored Sweden this summer.” Or Twitter bios that say stuff like “I’m an explorer who is determined to visit every country in the world.” OK, I’ll admit that these are legitimate uses of theContinue Reading

Adventurous Ideas to Go to Iceland

I started this blog for one reason: to give people ideas for finding the right adventure for them. My favorite days as a blogger are not when an advertiser throws some cash my way. It’s when someone writes and says something like “Hey, I got the top of Mt. Ngauruhoe using your tips.” So IContinue Reading

Best Hotel in Hanoi?

I can’t tell you that the Rendezvous Hotel is the best hotel in Hanoi. It’s the only one I stayed at. So I truly don’t have the authority and experience to call anything the best hotel in Hanoi. That said, if I ever return to Hanoi, I will stay at the Rendezvous Hotel again forContinue Reading

How to Pitch a Body-Shaving Product

AXE is the aroma of teenage boys and nightclub dorks in too-tight t-shirts. But to its credit, the AXE marketings knows this. No … AXE owns and embraces this. The company’s ads are smirky and self-aware. They push the boundaries of good taste. I don’t necessarily want to laugh. I don’t necessarily want people toContinue Reading

A Look at the Outdoor Products Tech Backpack

I have a new piece of travel gear I’m pretty excited about: the Outdoor Products Power Pack Glide 2.0. It’s a technology-oriented backpack designed to get your portable electronics – and possibly liquids and gels – through a TSA checkpoint without a fuss. It seems the “tech backpack” has become a new category of itsContinue Reading