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All Nippon Airways Asks “Is Japan Cool?”

Is Japan cool? Yes. And so is ANA and its Dreamliner fleet.

Is Japan cool? Yes. And so is ANA and its Dreamliner fleet.

Really, All Nippon Airways doesn’t need a website to answer the question “Is Japan Cool?”. The company knows the answer: yes to the fourth power, Japan is cool.

So what’s the deal here? Well, it’s to find out what’s absolutely the coolest of the cool about Japan. It asks readers “Is Japan Cool?” by rating their favorites. Here’s a snapshot of the latest Top 10 right now:

  1. Japanese Hospitality – 6,216votes

  2. High Tech Toilets – 5,133votes

  3. Hot Spring Spas – 4,531votes

  4. Toybox Kawaii Shop – 4,866votes

  5. Kyoto Summer Terraces – 4,278votes

    is japan cool

    You haven’t seen cool until you’ve seen Akihabara.

  6. Mt. Fugi – 4,033votes

  7. Character Bento – 3,886votes

  8. Ultramodern Vending Machines – 3,850votes

  9. “Sushi Go Round” (How does the United States not have this?) – 3,163votes

  10. Soba (Japanese Traditional Noodles) – 2,864votes

Let me put some Wandering Justin perspective into this, starting with Japanese hospitality: Tokyo is a futuristic, packed-to-the-gills, on-the-go metropolis that boggles my mind. Yet in this maelstrom, residents notice foreign visitors who look lost in the subway system. They offer help, and go so far as to walk with them to their destination. This happened to me numerous time. So this is spot on. Domo, domo, domo, Tokyo!

Is japan cool

Hachiko of later years. He looks an awful lot like my Kuma. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At Number Two (though you can also do a Number One in them) is Japanese toilets. I had my first encounter with on in Busan, South Korea. My wife was in the bathroom and began cackling maniacally. The cackle shifted into a full-throttle guffaw, and I had to see what was up. I entered the bathroom to see her shooting a 12-foot stream of water across the spacious love hotel bathroom from a spigot in the fancy toilet. The only thing a Japanese toilet won’t do, it seems, is deploy an attachment that high-fives you for a particularly voluminous fart.

I won’t dispute the list because we’re all different. But here’s what else would make my list:

Japanese curry – I’d had plenty of curry, but never the Japanese variety. I encountered this near Hakone, and I proclaim it delicious.

Akihabara – I have a friend who can hand-build tube-powered guitar amplifiers. There is a market in Akihabara where it is literally possible for him to push a cart and build and amplifier with the parts on the display. They’re all arrayed like goods at a farmer’s market. Epic!

Is Japan Cool

My Kuma … see the resemblance?

The Hachiko Statue – I have a soft spot for Akitas … those big, curly tailed, powerful Japanese dogs. I had two of them named Suki and Kuma when I was a teen. I have plenty of great dog stories about them both, but nothing that can quite match the tear-jerker about the loyal Hachiko. Um, sorry, got something in my eye.

Obviously, I know plenty more things that are cool about Japan. But I don’t want to ramble too much. My suggestion: Find out for yourself what’s cool about Japan. And if you already know, share some in the comments and vote at Is Japan Cool?.

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