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LaplandX: The Ultimate Northern Lights Tour

Northern Lights tour

Meet sled dogs during the LaplandX Northern Lights tour. (Photo by Nir Geiger)

Right now, my city is filling up day by day with people fleeing cold weather. People from the Plains States, the Midwest and the Northeast are descending on us, clogging our favorite hangouts … not to mention the roads.

It’s enough to make me fantasize about fleeing our temperate winter weather for someplace more extreme – in both temperature and scenery. If you’re like me and maybe thinking about something like a Northern Lights tour, check out LaplandX Extreme Lapland, a multi-day adventure scheduled to start Feb. 16, 2015.

If this is the first time hearing the word “Lapland,” imagine a winter storybook setting come to life – forests, waterfalls, reindeer and views of the Northern Lights that I can only imagine are some of the best you’ll ever see. And now, imagine spending 7 days enjoying the snow, the culture and the scenery on the LaplandX Extreme Lapland tour in Finland.

Northern Lights tour

Get ready for some adventure on the LaplandX snowmobile adventure. (Photo by Nir Geiger)

I’ll be upfront – this is not a low-budget affair. LaplandX is offering the 7-day adventure for $3,990 US. But check out the itinerary: The LaplandX Extreme Lapland Northern Lights tour starts with an icebreaker cruise (yes, you can take a dip in the freezing water). You’ll visit an ice castle, go on a snowmobile adventure, take a dog-sled trip and learn about the indigenous people and their cultures. And yes, you can count on plenty of sauna – this is Finland, after all (though the Extreme Lapland tour crosses into Norway, too). The price includes all meals, accommodations, ground transportation and equipment, but not airfare. I have to imagine it’s possible to score a good deal on airfare. My guess is that winter isn’t high tourism season in Finland.

Northern Lights tour

You’ll see some incredible views of the aurora borealis during the LaplandX Northern Lights tour. (Photo by Nir Geiger)

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m a huge fan of Finland. But I’ve only been there in the summer. Regardless of the season, you can count on encountering everything that I thought was cool about Finland even during the winter – from food to scenery to culture to genuinely friendly people.

Keep in mind, too, that there’s plenty to see before or after a LaplandX Extreme Lapland Northern Lights tour. I recommend a visit to Helsinki and Turku, if you get a chance. I also spotted numerous opportunities for cross-country skiers to have some fun in Finland. Being a hockey fan, I’d also spend some time checking out the Finnish Elite League games (I already have my HSK Helsinki hat) – and possible getting a glimpse of future NHL or Olympic stars.

So there’s your winter holiday – pack your thermal underwear and getting ready for some fun – and be sure to tell me all about your LaplandX adventure.


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